Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

So, once again, my presentation (along with my work) did'nt really cut it, it's been a hectic year or rather a hectic end to the year so I'm having to start again. Which is good I guess, because I would like to move on to the next year, so.... What to do now?
Well we've had to start a month-long project with support tutor Nick, who has been quite helpfull to me already and this is going to be one of the two projects I must re-submit to carry on to next year.
So the first is about scale, we had to take photographs of things that interested us (us in the grand term of, my class) in and about Manchester. I was interested in the not so beautiful and flashy back-alley's as opposed to the "beautiful" displays in the shop windows of the popular kids-choice of corporate monsters- not that I'm that a hippy, I just grow weary of hearing about how excellent Primark is. These dark back-alley's have a sort of quiet-melancholy but also calming and peaceful aura about it, I found it calming. An industrial paradise, a haven, away from the busy bustling streets of the arrogant people that feel that the path they are walking down should not be stepped into or followed?
My other ideas are related to the mass of pigeons that were being chased by small children in Piccadilly Gardens, I thought to myself how these children would feel if they were being chased by the scale equivalent of large human sized pigeons. This I think would work better as the project is set around the theme of Scale.
And finally... Second project, Sleep, Dreams & Movement, more on that as the idea develops.