Wednesday, 7 July 2010

End and Re-start

As I thought, a not so great end to my first year. Struggling through a few things and the main one being my mental block of ideas and the ability to construct and generate anything specific or decent from them. So I am having to try again once more in a shorter amount of time in order to push on to the next year and am hoping that this time i shall pull it off, as a few things have come out of the crisis point that is my, currently, very possible failure. But as I said, hopefully this wont be the case if I can get my act in gear properly and stay focused.
One project given to me was scale and although it was limited time and I think i could have produced a better sculpture (personally I think a much better sculpture) it got a cross the point of the project. I'm now moving on to looking at the physical positions created whilst one sleeps and recreating these unusual poses in a small sculptural form. Not to go into to much detail about that yet until I've got myself completely fixed on the point and purpose which I feel, as long as I don't over complicate, should come out quite effectively.