Thursday, 22 September 2011

First Week Back

The third year has started and it seems like it will be a snowball tumbling down a mountain. This year is going to come and go quickly.
Currently I am preparing to display my work at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester as part of an event named "Munkispanner: Xpose Yourself (XY Event)'s 1st Birthday".
I will be displaying four canvas's as part of their multimedia event night. Whilst there I intend to talk to the art curator about hosting an event at the Antwerp Mansion for the CT: Creative Transit group where I already have various other issues to sort out such as music. This however, is all work in progress.
Whilst doing this I am researching for my dissertation based on Russian art in the 1920-1940's focusing on propaganda through posters, animation and motion picture.
At some point very soon I will be editing a new reel of photographs in a similar style to the work I created for the CT event, Chinese Whispers a month prior to this. My aim to develop new images through new material and move the work onto a new level, with some initial ideas already forming.