Friday, 20 November 2009

Last Week Before Review

This is, or rather has been, the last week before the Table Exhibition review. I have been buying materials and trying to finalize the design for the dress I'm making which was originally going to be my final piece and then move on to something else. However, I have decided that I am going to carry on with this project by developing the designs and making a series of dresses. This being the prototype and the main base, for future productions. I may tweak and change the meanings and themes but this is undecided at this time. For now its all about finishing this dress and the essay.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Reading Week and coming up to Table Exhibition

Reading week was productive with essay writing, still unfinished but there's still time. It was a little more difficult that i expected but i have enough research to write more, I just find myself repeating a lot. Wood induction was good and i hope to find myself down there working on something as soon as this project is over. Ive been trying to think of new ideas for another project whilst completing this one (which i still have much work to do) so far I'm thinking of ideas based around that old cliche of everyday life and exposing the dark side or more arrogant side of mortal life. We shall see, I might work with some photo shop editing and going back to the good old pencil/pen and paper style of working. For now I really should be concentrating on the final two projects I have on going, the food project and essay. Cube Gallery has some interesting works up by previous interactive art students and others and was useful in helping me with the critical analysis of the essay that I'm working on. Another bonus is I've just worked out how to use the confusing spell checker on this blogger program. Go me!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Monday to Monday and Friday to Friday

Today is Tuesday and my attempt at regularity in writing these blogs on Fridays has failed. Oh well. At the moment I am still currently working on my Food themed project up until Christmas when the table exhibition has to be in, however I feel I may change after that, what to, I’m not sure yet but ill jump the hurdles in front of me first before attempting the ones I cant yet see. Some say I am philosophical, personally I think that was a pretty bad way of putting tit. Today I've just had my SLR camera induction and later this lunch time, it’s off to the dark room to develop them and be inducted in that skill sector as well. Thankfully, much to everyone’s delight the workshops have finally started so perhaps we will see some work out of books? Maybe not, we’ll just have to wait and see. Fashion is not something I have worked with before so I decided for this food project to work with that and test myself a little bit, is that where I’m going? I’m not sure I’d love to do video work but I guess I’m working my way up there whilst being able to do all the little things that you com across while making videos. Such as finding actors/actress’s making costumes and getting good setting, lighting and so forth but who knows, perhaps ill work with my “fantasy” images or the in-your-face sculptures that beckon meaning both overtly and subtly about the kind of things know-one really wants to talk about. Shock value is only great when it’s not that obvious, I believe. Anyway, the Food subject has been a moderately good starting theme and I really need to be carrying on with it.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Beggining of the First Major Project

Well we have been given our theme. Food. Of course, I am sure that many were thrilled, but personally, I think a lot of good can come from it. I've only just started to think about a few basic ideas this stage is early development, but I will most likely work with contrasts, meanings and I’m sure base it around something dark themed or shocked. We will have to wait and see. We also had Richard Healy as a guest speaker talking about his artwork at the Corner House Art Gallery in Manchester, which we later went to visit. We were asked to visit the gallery and look at both Healy's and other contemporary artist’s works, write ten questions about the work, think about the answer and write a review of the work. I have chosen Rachel Maclean's "Tae Think Again", which a review will be posted of shortly within the coming week. So that’s all for this Thursday blog, I'll be researching for the first project a lot and trying to sort out my laptop so I don’t have to keep doing it in the drop in room or at home, I can do it on the go and lectures all day tomorrow, which is always interesting and in a couple of weeks we start the inductions -good, because I really want to get working in the workshops!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Video Group Project

No, it was not a group porno project, it was a "sweeded" movie based on "Be Kind, Re-wind" and our spoof was on Independence Day. Dave took the role of Will Smith, Lisa took the role of news presenter and everyone else took on various roles and voice-overs. Everyone aided each other in creating props, using the camera, creating the storyboard and generally creating chaos. Everyone’s favourite part? Most likely burning our badly put together city landscape, my favourite part, was any scene featuring Dave dressed as Will Smith with a sausage for a cigar. Quality. Video will be uploaded soon for all to see and laugh at.

1st Group Project: Cross Year Party

The cross year party went down really well, many stalls serving food and non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, so naturally every student was happy. The party was based on various artists, each group being given a specific artist to represent as a theme for their parties and thus it meant a different style each time. Artists included Heath Robinson, Bill Voila, Damien Hurst, Van Gogh, Picasso, Jean Tinguely, Marcel Duchamp, Rebecca Horne and my group’s artist, Rachel Whitereed. Why did my group get Rachel Whitereed!? The ideas to make a party based around her were very difficult when your artist uses negative space and mainly white due to the casting material. Somehow, due to creativity and persistence we did it, anti-party. Sounds fun well not really because that was the point of it, but the though process was good and it was the only non-party of its kind in the studio so surly we should get marks for being individual, don’t you think? Good parties from all groups by the way.

Holiday Projects 1&2:

Holiday Projects 1 & 2: We were set a task of two holiday projects the first being a game and the second being a postcard, my designs for both are as follows: For the game project, I created a card game based upon splicing together the game-play ideas of both "Top Trumps" and "Pokemon" card games. I used the theme of "Sexual Positions" to make standard cards and used booster cards with the theme of sexual toys, aphrodisiacs, lubrications, STD/STI's and Misc. Misc being cards such as "The Parents" that had no affiliation with other themes. Standard cards features well known sexual positions such as missionary and specialist positions such as pile driver. The game was not meant to be taken too seriously and the intention was to make people laugh and feel a little more relaxed about their projects and there personalities when working with others. It was also a stand on principals of myself, I personally do not think that is one dose not show bravery and is not afraid to push the boundaries then one might as well not take the subject of art which is about expression, if one is afraid to show their ideas, how is one expected to grow? I'll let you think about that one.... The second project was a small postcard sized card, that had a message on it stating a postcard was to be deigned to represent what we were doing over summer, it had various ideas to help you get started. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything until the day it was supposed to be handed in so I simply turned the card over, drew a vertical line down the middle, wrote "This is what I've been doing with my holiday, love Thom x" on the back on one side and wrote the return address on the other side and sent it back.

Friday, 2 October 2009


Sat at drop in just made this blog exiting I know, so over the course of the next few years I can bore you all to death with what I've been doing and what I aim to do each week strictly art related, of course you can find me on Facebook at Tiggidy Thom Thatcher for private mails and my band at and also on Facebook as Matt Jacques and the Moonlight Party cheers y'all x