Monday, 15 February 2010

Mock Presentation Assessment and Moving Forward

Foolishly, my mock presentation didn't go as well as originally planed, first mixing up the time I was supposed to be there and then forgetting my book with all my concept work was not the smartest of things to do, consequently I got a bad mark for my mock review. Quite ashamed at myself for this, I am going to make sure in my final assessment this doesn't happen again. The path I was following with my project was making me unhappy, i was finding it difficult to come up with ideas that I could see my self pursuing and/ or being of some merit in the skills of creating these ideas in finished form and developing these ideas further. I am not working on a project that has developed through the original one that i started with but i am utilizing my drawing skills into creating fantasy concept art, something that i have enjoyed doing for a long time but have found useful to projects i have had to do in other educational institutes and classes. After talking to my peers who told me to stop holding back from what it is i really enjoy doing most, I have decided to follow this path, I am happier with the collection of images I have made and am looking to developing these images into more striking ones that just hand drawn, possibly by developing them in computer programs i am soon to by my self a "tablet" that i was recommended by other fantasy/ anime/ manga/ concept designers and artist. Where this path will take me I am unsure but I feel more comfortable with this route and have a lot more ideas and imagination when it comes to developing this work. I have been making many sketches in pencil and pens and have designed one "character" and have been experimenting with colour styles and patterns before i come up with a finished hand drawn prototype, which i then intend to develop on the "tablet" as i mentioned before. Other ideas for other "characters" in this concept work range are flowing through in rough images but I intend to develop these further and possibly put them all together in a larger composition. This may develop into something else as time goes on but I will have to wait and see what other ideas come from these initial images.

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