Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New Uni Year

So after a not so fantastic resist project, I was still given a second chance that I intend not to screw up. So kudos to me for surviving that.
1st project was over the summer and was based on an item of clothing one can wear that represented the difference between my own life and another cultures (assuming I'd been on holiday, which I had) although I think myself and many other students kind of ignored the "comparing the differences" part of the task but it was interesting to see what everyone had come up with anyway. Myself had made a masquerade mask out of an artifact I had bought while in a quaint little artisan town, wall to wall privately owned art shops and unusual cafes, beautiful place, "something something du poppe". The mask, as I said before was based on a masquerade mask which there is some dispute over the origins of this style, some say it was Italian then developed by French and other say the opposite, either way it has some heritage in French history so I worked with what I had, I simply painted the conjoined-face mask in the standard English and French flag colours with a mix between the two designs and used a red flower/ fire looking motif around the edges to represent how I almost set the mask and the room I was in on fire by stupidly leaving it on a lamp to support a clock radio in obtaining a better frequency. The project went well, as far as I could tell.

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