Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Starting Back

So I was given the theme of Shelter as my next project and with some confusion about how this should be handled, is it a group project or a solo project but working with other people for ideas? Naturally myself and fellow Shelter Group thinkers have gone for both, why not? Two projects are better than one (unless there both quite poor... Oh well).
the first, my group project:

Working with the idea of "shelter" we are creating a video piece (by we, I mean myself, Pete and Andrea, 2 year students) that will follow around the "everyday man/ woman" on there general journey from home to work/ uni/ the soul sucking corporations that demands there lives in exchange for £ or a degree (I'm not complaining, evil makes the world go round... I mean money, money, that's right) and this "protagonist" picking up and placing masks upon there face in the various situations they come into as an expression of shelter, the mask being the shelter hiding the true feelings of the individual, something we all do in order to get along with each other in life. The mask idea comes from hiding the true feeling one may have about a person or situation that they encounter, such as the fake laugh at a terrible joke, or the cracked smile to someone you don't particularly like or hiding back lust and awe through a terrible joke and back to the fake laugh and so on. Currently, we have been taking location shots, developing our "Story Board" and creating the mask, filming starts soon.....

My self project is going to combine an idea I did for my re-sit which was the position of people sleeping with shelter, the shelter of ones room protects them from the hardship out side and there vulnerability, though I believe humans are always vulnerable and hide themselves in their clothes to protect there "modesty" and to avoid feeling vulnerable (working with themes from the mask/ video project there) also, sleep shelters the conscious mind and stops the subconscious taking over when over tired and thus helps the mind to work out complicated issues of daily life, so science and psychology leads us to believe, I'm still working on this idea, but I am hoping to find a define link soon and will shortly begin taking photographs and playing with these images in order to see where these ideas go.

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