Friday, 9 October 2009

1st Group Project: Cross Year Party

The cross year party went down really well, many stalls serving food and non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, so naturally every student was happy. The party was based on various artists, each group being given a specific artist to represent as a theme for their parties and thus it meant a different style each time. Artists included Heath Robinson, Bill Voila, Damien Hurst, Van Gogh, Picasso, Jean Tinguely, Marcel Duchamp, Rebecca Horne and my group’s artist, Rachel Whitereed. Why did my group get Rachel Whitereed!? The ideas to make a party based around her were very difficult when your artist uses negative space and mainly white due to the casting material. Somehow, due to creativity and persistence we did it, anti-party. Sounds fun well not really because that was the point of it, but the though process was good and it was the only non-party of its kind in the studio so surly we should get marks for being individual, don’t you think? Good parties from all groups by the way.

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