Thursday, 15 October 2009

Beggining of the First Major Project

Well we have been given our theme. Food. Of course, I am sure that many were thrilled, but personally, I think a lot of good can come from it. I've only just started to think about a few basic ideas this stage is early development, but I will most likely work with contrasts, meanings and I’m sure base it around something dark themed or shocked. We will have to wait and see. We also had Richard Healy as a guest speaker talking about his artwork at the Corner House Art Gallery in Manchester, which we later went to visit. We were asked to visit the gallery and look at both Healy's and other contemporary artist’s works, write ten questions about the work, think about the answer and write a review of the work. I have chosen Rachel Maclean's "Tae Think Again", which a review will be posted of shortly within the coming week. So that’s all for this Thursday blog, I'll be researching for the first project a lot and trying to sort out my laptop so I don’t have to keep doing it in the drop in room or at home, I can do it on the go and lectures all day tomorrow, which is always interesting and in a couple of weeks we start the inductions -good, because I really want to get working in the workshops!!!

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