Friday, 9 October 2009

Holiday Projects 1&2:

Holiday Projects 1 & 2: We were set a task of two holiday projects the first being a game and the second being a postcard, my designs for both are as follows: For the game project, I created a card game based upon splicing together the game-play ideas of both "Top Trumps" and "Pokemon" card games. I used the theme of "Sexual Positions" to make standard cards and used booster cards with the theme of sexual toys, aphrodisiacs, lubrications, STD/STI's and Misc. Misc being cards such as "The Parents" that had no affiliation with other themes. Standard cards features well known sexual positions such as missionary and specialist positions such as pile driver. The game was not meant to be taken too seriously and the intention was to make people laugh and feel a little more relaxed about their projects and there personalities when working with others. It was also a stand on principals of myself, I personally do not think that is one dose not show bravery and is not afraid to push the boundaries then one might as well not take the subject of art which is about expression, if one is afraid to show their ideas, how is one expected to grow? I'll let you think about that one.... The second project was a small postcard sized card, that had a message on it stating a postcard was to be deigned to represent what we were doing over summer, it had various ideas to help you get started. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything until the day it was supposed to be handed in so I simply turned the card over, drew a vertical line down the middle, wrote "This is what I've been doing with my holiday, love Thom x" on the back on one side and wrote the return address on the other side and sent it back.

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