Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Monday to Monday and Friday to Friday

Today is Tuesday and my attempt at regularity in writing these blogs on Fridays has failed. Oh well. At the moment I am still currently working on my Food themed project up until Christmas when the table exhibition has to be in, however I feel I may change after that, what to, I’m not sure yet but ill jump the hurdles in front of me first before attempting the ones I cant yet see. Some say I am philosophical, personally I think that was a pretty bad way of putting tit. Today I've just had my SLR camera induction and later this lunch time, it’s off to the dark room to develop them and be inducted in that skill sector as well. Thankfully, much to everyone’s delight the workshops have finally started so perhaps we will see some work out of books? Maybe not, we’ll just have to wait and see. Fashion is not something I have worked with before so I decided for this food project to work with that and test myself a little bit, is that where I’m going? I’m not sure I’d love to do video work but I guess I’m working my way up there whilst being able to do all the little things that you com across while making videos. Such as finding actors/actress’s making costumes and getting good setting, lighting and so forth but who knows, perhaps ill work with my “fantasy” images or the in-your-face sculptures that beckon meaning both overtly and subtly about the kind of things know-one really wants to talk about. Shock value is only great when it’s not that obvious, I believe. Anyway, the Food subject has been a moderately good starting theme and I really need to be carrying on with it.

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